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I love to change up the decor in my home, especially when it comes to simple home decor ideas that promote a more uplifting environment! With spring upon us and the freshness of warm, bright and floral accents everywhere we turn, it's easy to get into the mode of wanting to freshen up your living space. There are plenty of affordable, adorable and super simple home decor ideas that are easy to achieve while giving your space a new look! Here are some ideas to help you get started.

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Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning OK, I know this isn't a simple home decor idea, however I feel it's the first step when you want a change of scenery in your living space. This time of year promotes the dreaded, yet much needed, spring cleaning renewal of your home and collection of stuff. Spring time is all about new life and fresh beginnings, so before you dive into redecorating your home, think about deep cleaning it from top to bottom- getting rid of anything and everything you don't need or love anymore. A fresh start will open your creative side for home decor ideas and prepare you for adding life to your living space!


Freshly Cut Flowers

Freshly Cut Flowers One of the simple, yet gorgeous, home decor ideas are freshly cut flowers. I recently attended an annual tulip festival where I selected and cut a dozen fresh tulips myself. It was so enjoyable to pick out my own flowers, and what made it even better was seeing those flowers bloom in my home and looking at their beauty for a whole week. While tulips don't last that long, there are tons of flowers this time of year that are gorgeous and just add life, color, and beauty to your living space.


Plant Life

Plant Life There's something about plants inside your home that creates a more welcoming environment. I think it's because plants that thrive symbolize life, and there are certain plants that even clean the air in your home. Adding plants is not not only visually pleasing but it also adds dimension and texture to your home without being distracting. Just make sure you select a plant that's easy to maintain and thrives well indoors! Some plants require natural light at all times, while others aren't as finicky.


Pops of Color

Pops of Color I love pops of color that are eye catching yet not distracting or annoying. Even in my wardrobe, I like to dress in mostly soft, neutral tones and then add a pop of color like a fun bag or accessory. This is a great model to use within your home. Color brings brightness and warmth to an otherwise dull space. Select an accent color and use it sparingly to create points of focus that draw the eye in with interest. You'll want to avoid the feeling of clutter and chaos so stick to the concept of less is more.


New Couch Pillows

New Couch Pillows Couch pillows can be spendy at times. However, a great option if you don't want a whole new set of pillows is to make or purchase pillow covers. Select one bold print along with soft, neutral solids that complement each other. New furniture pillows and even a throw can really make a huge difference in the look and feel of your home!

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Make Use of Patterns

Make Use of Patterns Knowing how to use patterns in your home is ideal in adding texture and depth. If overdone, you create chaos and disorder, which isn't calming for any visitor, or even you! Select a bold area rug and simple decor with the same theme; choose a lively print and color for your throw pillows on neutral and simple furniture.


Add a Mirror

Add a Mirror Adding a mirror to your living room or formal room will create the illusion of more depth and increased space as it reflects light and an image. Positioning is key to create the optimal effect, so choose a location with a lot of natural light to boost the mood of your room. This is an easy and affordable addition to a bare wall that will reveal a more inviting space!

These are just a few fun examples of home decor ideas that work with any budget and add a little life and vibrancy! Would you care to add any other examples of simple, inviting ways to decorate your home?

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