10 Decorating Ideas for Your New Home ...


10 Decorating Ideas for Your New Home ...
10 Decorating Ideas for Your New Home ...

Looking to add some oomph to your space? You don't need to look much farther. You definitely came to the right place. I'm about to give you 10 decorating ideas for your new home that you have never tried before. They are fresh, fun and so chic. The greatest part is, you can make them all happen for $50 or less. That's right - these ideas can save you hard earned money. So throw out that tacky lamp, and those ugly paintings and get ready to add some serious pizazz to your place. These decorating ideas for your new home will make your home feel new, even if it's not.

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Bathroom Voom

Bathroom Voom Photo Credit: lauren ∞

Forget the tacky fuzzy rugs and cheap bathroom crap you have littered all over your bathroom sink. Bring in a cute oriental or large area rug for some floor appeal. Add an inexpensive funky plastic chandelier to hang from the ceiling and a few cool candles on the sink and toilet and you've got yourself a bathroom with voom! You can find funky chandeliers with unique personality at local flea markets and second-hand stores.


Time to Reflect

Time to Reflect Photo Credit: modern-decors.com

Here's a fascinating idea that will rock out any kitchen: pick up a few 12-by-12 inch mirrored tiles a hardware or craft store and attach two to each kitchen cabinet door using removable adhesive. Stack one tile above the other for a fun effect that will make your space look twice as big as it actually is and add a super cool vibe to your whole kitchen. Now you will love cooking in there!


Hang It All out

Hang It All out Photo Credit: katyharmer

If you have more jewelry than you know what to do with, here's an interesting idea - post a few nails at varying heights and widths apart on a space in your bedroom wall. Then drape all your necklaces and bracelets onto them for a neat and unique look. Added bonus? You won't have to dig through a tangled mess of jewelry anymore to find the piece you wanted to wear that day!


Collection Time

Collection Time Photo Credit: Hana Trinh

Do you have any odd collection that deserves to be shown off? Whether it be an oversized conch shell collection you picked up from the beach, a neat glass figurine set or a bunch a brightly colored marbles, we all have something fabulous to display. Figure out a neat way to display them all. Some cool ideas include grouping them on bookshelves, or piling them all into a large glass container of sorts. Be creative, but make sure you proudly show off your cool collection.


Lamp Trick

Lamp Trick Photo Credit: Pijama Lhama

I went looking at lamps the other day and you can imagine my distress when I discovered that most lamps these days don't come cheap. Most of them were $50 - $75 and those were the "cheap" ones. So, here's what I did: I bought some high gloss spray paint in hot pink, painted the base of the lamp and bought a bold black shade to go on top. Now it makes a seriously cool statement, and it's one of the best decorating ideas for your new home that you can ever find! It's quick and easy, so try it next time you want something fresh and new.

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Cool Wall Art

Cool Wall Art Photo Credit: amy_b

Remember when we were kids and we had those paint by number activity pads? Well, they now have paint by number art pieces for adults! Call them the up and coming thing, the hip, trendy idea of the moment, but whatever you call them, call them yours. This decorating idea for your new home is just what you need to put a pop of color onto the walls and really pull the place together, so go for it!


Mini Gallery

Mini Gallery Photo Credit: Brooke

Here's a really cool trick that is always a conversation starter: group together a bunch of paintings, photos, or prints with one common theme such as trees, beaches or bridges and hang them on the wall. Aim for an odd number which makes the whole scene feel less contrived. And hang them off-balance of each other, which will really feel organic!


Be Childish

Be Childish Photo Credit: stephanieamber

Have you heard of chalkboard paint? It's really cool and it's so in right now! Grab some chalkboard paint and splash some onto your door-the bedroom, bathroom, back door wherever it goes is totally up to you. You can then use it to write to-do lists, schedules and leave quirky little notes for your guy. It's really a great idea for college students, or anybody with a really hectic, jammed schedule if you need help keeping track of it all, plus it looks really cool.


Love Some Graffiti

Love Some Graffiti Photo Credit: mtlroommates

You always thought graffiti looked cool and super urban when you saw it on city walls downtown. Now here's your chance to bring some of it home! Get some fabric paint, and stencil your initials onto the backs of your dining room chairs for a modern, personal touch. I promise you, guests will love it, and it really does add a super cool vibe to your place. This is one decorating idea for your new home that is too unique to pass up.


Temporary Treasures

Temporary Treasures Photo Credit: thehappyhomeblog.com

Ok, this may quite possibly be my most favorite decorating idea for your new home. I saved the best for last. Maybe you're not into the time and labor and permanent result that wallpaper proposes. But you can still have your wallpaper and hang it too! How? Simple! You cut off however large of squares you want and use flat thumbtacks to stick it to your walls. You can even cover a whole wall this way if you pull it tight! Use wrapping paper as well for smaller areas if you want to go super sleek.

With these 10 decorating ideas for your new home, you will be right on the track to a snazzy looking pad in no time at all! Your friends will be totally envious. And they don't even know you that you only spent less than $50 to make each of these ideas come to life! Now that's being savvy! Which of these ideas do you think you will try first?

Top Photo Credit: data.whicdn.com

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