8 Tips to Instantly Brighten up and Beautify Your Bedroom ...

By Lucy

8 Tips to Instantly Brighten up and Beautify Your Bedroom ...

Want to give your room a wee makeover without all the hassle of changing every little thing? Well, here are 8 easy things you can do that will instantly brighten up and beatify your bedroom - as well as give it the change you were looking for! 😍 😘 ❤️ ☀️ 🌸

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1 Faux Fur Throw

furniture, room, duvet cover, bed sheet, bed, Faux fur is the perfect way to not only beautify a bedroom but make it way more luxurious. Whether you like a soft throw to cuddle up in at night or furry cushions to rest your head on while reading, there's always a way you can incorporate faux fur for a fab bedroom! 😍

2 Vibrant Wall Print

room, furniture, living room, product, bed, One way to brighten up a bedroom is to choose a wall print that totally speaks for itself and makes a statement! This is your moment to be super creative and consider what colour walls would work best with everything else in your room! 🎨

3 Floral Feature Wall

flower, vase, bottle, glass bottle, Does anything make a bedroom brighter and more beautiful than a cute floral feature wall? I don't think so! And a bonus is that it's not only gorgeous to look at, but your bedroom will always smell amazing and fresh! 🌻 🌹 🌷

4 Bold Wall Art

circle, clock, line, shape, pattern, If you just want to make your bedroom more bright and beautiful but in a subtle way, why not add a few pieces of bold wall art? Small things like clocks and paintings are a great place to start! 🕒 🕓

5 Vanity Set

white, room, furniture, home, cabinetry, Not only are vanity sets super feminine and luxurious but they're also a great way to make an bedroom more beautiful! If you really want to go all out, choose one with a lit up mirror so that you can feel like a star every time you do your makeup! 🌟

6 Pendant Light

light fixture, petal, lighting, chandelier, flower, A gorgeous hanging pendant light is a great way to instantly beautify and brighten up any bedroom! It's a super statement piece as you'll see it as soon as you walk into the room and it will look even prettier when turned on at night! 💡

7 Clothes Rack

clothing, dress, sleeve, gown, textile, What's the point of having amazing clothes if no one can see them?! Instead of having everything stuffed away in your closet, buy a clothes rack to sit in the corner of your room and use it to hang your most beautiful pieces on! This is the perfect way to show off your fave clothes as well as brighten up your bedroom! 👗👛

8 Bouquet of Flowers

flower, pink, flower arranging, plant, floristry, And lastly, another great way to instantly beautify your bedroom is by simply buying a fresh bouquet of flowers every so often! This will, again, make your bedroom smell amazing as well as add colour to brighten up your room! 🌼 🌸 💐

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