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Decorating and picking color schemes is such fun and there are some simple steps to picking a paint color for your room that have helped me in the past. Choosing a paint color can sometimes be tricky as there are so many things to think about, including the size of the room and the amount of light it lets in. Here are some tips for picking a paint color for your room and getting it right.

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Do Some Research

One of the first steps to picking a paint color for your room is to study color schemes. You can find an array of color schemes in home-decorating magazines, apps and paint manufacturer's websites. Pick out examples of color schemes that catch your eye and take them with you when you go shopping for paint.


Start Small

Color can look very different on a sample card and those tester pots can be deceptive. You know what it's like; you excitedly take your tester pots home and paint a little spot on your wall, only to see that the color is not exactly what you expected. Either it's too dark in that spot or it's just a little too cold and you just can't envision it on an entire wall. One of the ways to overcome this is to cover a section of the wall with a roller or paintbrush. Another idea is to test the color on a large sheet of paper or cardboard and set it against the walls in the room. Do this at various times of the day as the light changes.


Warm and Cool Tones

There are some colors which are warmer in tone than others. Rosy and yellow tones will give any room a warm tone while greys, blues and greens will give the room a cooler feel. Bear this in mind when picking colors for your home.


When to Go White

White can be quite harsh and sterile in a room. However, if you would like an ultra-modern and minimalist feel then a bright white might be for you, but a white which contains a hint of pink or beige will give the room less of a sterile effect.


When to Go Bold

Bold colors can make a real statement but colors can have a profound effect on mood too, so save the boldest colours for rooms you're not planning on spending a lot of time in. The problem with bold colors is that you can tire of them easily. Save bolder colors for bathrooms and dining rooms.

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Fab Fabric

Fabrics will help you decide on color schemes too. If you have an idea of a wallpaper, sofa or curtain pattern, then take this with you when shopping for colors. This can help you find the right match. Many DIY stores will be able to mix the exact color for you if you give them a piece of fabric or wallpaper and ask for a color match. That still amazes me!


Think Ahead

You may not be thinking about selling your home right now but circumstances might change, as do fashions and trends. It's sometimes best to be as neutral as possible where colors are concerned as it will make your home more appealing to a potential buyer. Buyers often like to move straight in without the bother of redecorating immediately because they can't stand a particular color.

Choosing a paint color can be lots of fun. Does anyone else have any hints and tips?

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my bedroom is three walls turquoise one wall light green😁


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