7 Quick Home Improvement Ideas That Involve No Heavy Lifting ...

By Jelena

7 Quick Home Improvement Ideas That Involve No Heavy Lifting ...

Home improvement ideas have been one of the hottest topics for me ever since I moved into my own place and experienced how it feels to have carte blanche in the interior decorating department. My poor husband, unfortunately, works more than any human should ever be allowed to, which means that any on-budget home improvement in our house needs to be executed by yours truly. And while I’m anything but a delicate flower, I must say heavy duty work isn’t my forte and that I much prefer easy home improvement ideas that allow me to keep all of my limbs and fingers. Know what I’m saying? Well, here are a few projects fit for us crafty but not particularly strong (or skilled) women:

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Wall Decals

Wall Decals One of the most brilliant, easy to do, fast home improvement ideas ever – wall stickers or decals will help you transform your home in just a few short hours! They’ll brighten up your living room, help you decorate a children’s room, are super easy to install and prove you don’t have to be a skilled artist nor rich enough to hire one to have a beautifully decorated home.


Decoupage Furniture

Decoupage Furniture Sprucing up old and battered furniture has never been easier and more creative! But let’s look at the practical side, as well! You see, refurbishing does cost a pretty penny and that’s only fair, given the amount of work needed to make a battered piece of furniture look brand new. And while you can definitely attempt to do this at home, I must warn you that’s some heavy-duty work you’re signing up for. Decoupage, on the other hand, allows you to get the same great result with less heavy-duty work, which is something a girl could appreciate.


Crown Molding and Trims

Crown Molding and Trims Crown molding and trims will give your home a wonderful finishing touch, raise the bar higher and turn it from nice to truly chic. And guess what? They aren’t super hard to install! While moldings are something only experienced DIYers not afraid of heights should consider, trims require no special skill. Simply choose where you want your decorative trims to be, measure, stock up on your supplies and get creative. I suggest plaster trims because they are sturdier and don’t need to be nailed down, but you can also opt for wood or even urethane trims, all depending on your taste, budget and skill.



Wallpapers Covering up a badly stained or damaged wall and sprucing up your living room has never been easier to DIY! Seriously, with so many fantastic wallpapers available, one doesn’t need a really big excuse to start redecorating. You’ll find plenty of super chic ideas in pretty much every home improvement magazine and you can even use up any leftovers to freshen up boring furniture.


Wallpapers are a great way to give a room a quick and easy makeover without having to do any heavy lifting. Modern wallpapers come in a variety of patterns, textures, and colors, making it easy to find something that fits your style. Wallpapers can also be used to cover up stained or damaged walls, and leftover wallpaper can even be used to spruce up furniture. Wallpapers are also easy to install, and many wallpapers are even removable, making them a great choice for renters. With so many options available, wallpapers are an easy and affordable way to give your home an instant facelift.


Clean or Change Knobs and Pulls

Clean or Change Knobs and Pulls It’s funny how small changes can make such a big difference! If you’re hoping to give your home a small makeover but aren’t big on tools and crafts, you can polish the brass knobs or even replace all knobs and pulls in the house. Modern bar pulls will give boxy, old furniture of undefined style a modern note, helping it not stick out like a sore thumb, while vintage-style knobs and some wood polish do wonders for those poor, neglected pieces that could blossom into really stylish accents with just a bit of care.

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Freshen up Your Bathroom

Freshen up Your Bathroom Removing old, stained, plain or simply fugly tiles can prove to be costly, not to mention the fact that you won’t be able to use your bathroom for a few days. Add the cost of new tiles and whatnot and you’ll understand why I tend to wake up with a headache on most days. Luckily, there’s a way to postpone all this and it’s so easy anyone can do it. Purchase a special paint for tiles as well as bottle of grout paint and your bathroom will look as good as new in just a day!


Consider Flower Arrangements

Consider Flower Arrangements Making paper rosettes or felt flowers is relatively easy and attaching them to long bare branches is even easier! Both are super cheap yet allow you to decorate your home with unique, eye-catching flower arrangements you can keep for as long as you want! Excuse my exclamation points and outburst of optimism, lovelies, but I’ve seen so many gorgeous DIY accents on Instagram and honestly can’t wait to give them a try!

Care to share a few easy home improvement tips? Well, I’m all ears! A new home improvement idea is always welcome, right?

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